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Meadville MASH (2018)

Presents:  Crazed
Crazy Train; Victors Piano Solo; Uprising

Band Director:  Armond Walter
Staff:  Irene Kipp & Kris Barnes, Asst. Directors; Duane Banks & Joe Caprara, Percussion
Myranda Teudhope, Color Guard; Patrick Baldwin & Ten Hut Productions, LLC, Drill Design

Drum Major:  Olivia Green
Section Leaders: Ella Stewart, Lindsay Stefko, Angelina Rerko, Grace DeMarco, Kyle Zimmerman, Miles Basinger, Alexcia Vosburgh, Braden Green, Adam Duffy, Laura Barnes, Autumn Peterson, Hayley Miller, Ryan Girvan, Hezekiah Stump, Abby Fife, Dawn Collins

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